The Benefits of a Rugged Monitor Touch Screen in Brookville, NY

benefits of rugged monitor touch screen

No matter the industry of your business – from service industry and manufacturing environments to military bases – rugged touchscreen devices are an indispensable asset. Unlike their simpler mobile device counterparts, most rugged tablets and smartphones utilize advanced technologies which make them much harder to break.

An ideal rugged screen should be sunlight readable, water resistant, and capable of repelling dust particles – these three features make your device far more reliable and long-term.


Rugged monitors are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. Equipped with high brightness displays and antiglare coatings that reduce light reflection, these features ensure optimal visibility even under difficult lighting conditions, increasing operator safety while simultaneously increasing productivity.

These rugged industrial monitors are built to withstand vibrations and shocks that occur frequently in manufacturing facilities, thanks to high-grade materials used during their construction and strict industry standards adherence, making them resistant to damage caused by harsh operating environments.

Some rugged displays employ optical bonding to improve their viewability, eliminating air gaps between the display and protective cover glass and eliminating moisture and dust accumulation. It also increases touch accuracy by maintaining uniform pressure across the substrate – something especially helpful in outdoor applications where touchscreen functionality needs to be used during bright sunlight or other challenging environmental conditions.


Industrial environments place touchscreens through rigorous stress tests that must withstand constant use and abuse, including repeated pressure washing, high temperatures, harsh chemicals and vibrations, along with extreme environmental conditions. Touchscreens must withstand repeated use while remaining fully functional throughout this testing.

At our industrial monitors and HMI systems, we understand the need to protect our products against harsh environments – that’s why they come equipped with protective features to withstand even hazardous areas, like fully sealed NEMA 4/4X front bezels with IP66 or IP69K ratings for resistance against liquid intrusion, as well as being panel mounted directly into Hoffman boxes or enclosures to further shield them against contamination.

Military Touch Screens We also provide specialist military touch screens designed to withstand extreme levels of washdown in aerospace and defence applications, which feature an electrostatic field bonded with an antistatic grid which eliminates air gaps to produce an electrostatic field and allow them to continue functioning even when moderately wet or damaged – these models can even be easily integrated into displays behind thick glass.

Water Resistance

Rugged monitors are specifically engineered to withstand vibrations, shocks, extreme temperatures and other environmental elements that consumer grade computers cannot. Water resistance means these monitors can even be used in areas that experience rainy or wet environments; making them suitable for mounting on vehicles that travel into rain-sprinkled streets or buildings where humidity is present.

Rugged LCD monitors feature voltage spike protection to protect their motherboard from being destroyed when subjected to input voltage exceeding 50V, thus protecting both screen and device from being damaged and keeping its operation proper. This protection helps preserve screen health as well as ensure optimal device functionality.

Xenarc Technologies provides an expansive selection of rugged monitor and touchscreen solutions, from 7″ to 43″, for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) use. We can tailor them with sunlight readable displays, NVG compatibility, optical bonding for enhanced viewability, resistive or capacitive touch functionality depending on your system integration or industrial application needs. Speak to one of our experts now about your next project!


Screen quality may not be top of mind for customers when selecting their touchscreen device; however, it should always be kept in mind for rugged devices used in industrial settings where their usage and environment may be greater than simple mobile devices.

Rugged monitor touch screens are built for tough use, resisting moisture and other forces of nature. Teguar offers several solutions designed for rugged use that meet these criteria – sunlight-readable displays for kiosks or high performance touchscreens to control automated machines are just two.

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Our displays can be enhanced with capacitive or resistive touch capabilities, optical bonding, and further ruggedization for system integration or industrial application needs. Get your quote for a rugged LCD all-weather display now.