Setting Up a Product Kiosk in Your Mall

A product kiosk is basically a stand-alone establishment that sells electronic goods like cameras, wall calendars, cell phones, watches, apps, etc. in addition to the merchandise they have on display. They are typically found in malls, airports, bus and train stations, and other popular places. In many instances, a product kiosk will also provide in-store services such as online ordering and photo processing. The kiosks usually function with credit cards as well as debit cards.

Before you purchase a product kiosk from a manufacturer, you should visit your mall first to assess how often the kiosks will be used. You may not need to implement full-time signage within your mall, so buying a single product kiosk for use by one customer per month is probably sufficient. If you expect more traffic, or frequent visits by mall employees to the machines, you might want to consider purchasing several units, each of which can be used by different customers. Many kiosks display multiple brands of cameras or watches, and you may want to keep these types of kiosks updated with different brands in order to serve your different market needs. Be sure to discuss options with the kiosk manufacturer regarding installation, and ensure that all terms are met before finalizing the deal.

Once you determine the frequency of usage of the product kiosk, you should consider what features you would like your product kiosk to have. You may prefer to have an on-screen menu, which displays the products currently available at the kiosk. If so, the product kiosk manufacturer can provide you with a default kiosk store layout that enables you to simply choose the product you need, and that goes off and operates on its own.

If you choose a product kiosk that displays either branded gifts or gift items that can be personalized, you will need a way to allow customers to purchase these items. Often, mall kiosks display gift items such as gift cards or gift certificates, which allow the customer to load the card or certificate with the appropriate amount of money. On the other hand, some kiosks provide cash registers, which allow the customer to use a credit or debit card to make the purchase. The manufacturer of your product kiosk may be able to assist you in creating the system that you will need to operate this type of product kiosk.

In some cases, consumers will want to load their personal devices, such as cell phones or handheld computers, with items such as printers or scanners. In order to provide this functionality, you will need to purchase an Ethernet port or wireless connection card for each of the devices that you plan to place on a single unit. You may also be able to purchase USB memory sticks that can be inserted into the system. The manufacturer of your product kiosk should be able to assist you in setting up the details of the product kiosk and the equipment that will be required. In some cases, you may be able to configure your product kiosk using an online interface, which is much less complicated than installing the individual devices themselves.

Before purchasing product kiosks for your mall, you will first need to determine whether your business qualifies for a grant from the city, county, or state that you are located in. If you are a small business, you may not qualify for the grant money that is available to small businesses. Once you have determined that your business will be eligible, you will be able to purchase mall kiosks from the kiosk manufacturers. Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of options, including types of displays, styles, colors, and sizes so you are sure to find the kiosks that will best meet your needs.