Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor

One of the latest additions to the technology available in portable devices such as iPads and iPhones is the open frame touchscreen monitor. The advantages of the open frame design are many, including its modern, sleek design and easy installation. This kind of monitor is different from the typical thin, fold up design, because the entire unit is constructed from a flexible metal frame that clips to the table or other flat surface. Although you may think that open frame is difficult to install, if you follow these simple steps, you will have no problems.

open frame touchscreen monitor

First, you must ensure that you have the right tools. Although you do not need any special tools to install this kind of monitor, you may still want to invest in some. The most important tools you will need include a pair of wire cutters and an adjustable spanner. These two items can be purchased from any electronics retailer or on the Internet. Once you have these items, the rest of the process should be relatively simple.

One of the main advantages of choosing open frame displays over traditional thin and fold up displays is the fact that the full unit is extremely slim and sleek. Because of this, you can easily place it on a counter or other flat surface. Because the entire unit is made out of metal, you do not have to worry about unsightly wires or brackets on your countertop. With this kind of slick design, open frame touchscreen monitors are perfect for home, office, or classroom use.

Although the material used in construction is sturdy and durable, this type of display does have one inherent disadvantage. In the same way that glass is susceptible to breakage, the screen on open frame touchscreen monitors are prone to being easily scratched. Scratches can easily get deep into the screen’s surface, causing blurry vision. Fortunately, there are a variety of high quality screen guards available. These are custom-made products that can be purchased from reputable retailers. If you would like to protect your screen from daily abuse, a screen protector is the ideal solution.

Another great advantage of using an open frame touchscreen monitor is the large viewing area it offers. Even when you’re using a standard sized monitor, you can still view everything on one screen. This is ideal for multitasking users who need to use multiple applications at once. These monitors also have wide viewing angles, allowing you to view whatever it is you’re doing without having to swivel your chair.

While some people may find touch screen monitors uncomfortable, most people love using them. The only possible drawback of an open frame monitor is if you happen to step on it accidentally. Luckily, most manufacturers offer a foot cradle that will prevent damage from occurring. Another issue people occasionally experience is a “flimsy” screen. If this occurs, simply remove the display from its base and let it cool down. Most manufacturers of this type of product offer a warranty to solve the problem